Trachel Green

Experienced Dental Clinic Manager
Experienced Dental Clinic Manager
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • August 19, 2020

Hardworking and reliable Clinic Manager, highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality. Enthusiastic professional with superior skills in working in both team-based and independent capacities. Bringing strong work ethic and excellent organizational skills to any setting. Excited to bring 10+ years of experience from my time in the Military, including peace time and war time, to your organization. Team player supporting coworkers and taking direction from dentist. Well-rounded and skilled in handling multiple tasks.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts @ Savannah College of Art and Design
Jan 2014 — Jun 2017
Associate in Applied Dental Science @ Central Texas College
Jan 2007 — Jun 2009


Dental Clinic Manager @ United States Army
Sep 2008 — Oct 2013
• Managed routine operations and clinical projects, including setting targets and performance standards in accordance with OSHA and DOD guidelines.
• Maintained master calendar and scheduled new appointments based on provider availability.
• Strengthened and aligned daily operations with patient needs based on collected feedback and continuous improvement plans.
• Reviewed and assessed staff processes, reducing hazards posed for patients and staff while promoting regulatory compliance.
• Collaborated with multi-disciplinary staff to improve overall patient care and response times.
• Communicated with patients with compassion while keeping medical information private.
• Created and maintained facility documents and records, maintaining accuracy while managing sensitive data.
• Directed daily operations at facility caring for more than 10,000 individuals.
• Resolved conflicts promptly among doctors, assistants and other healthcare employees to keep workflows on task.
Dental Hygienist @ United States Army
Jan 2005 — Oct 2008
• Applied cavity preventing agents, like fluoride and sealants, to protect patients' teeth from decay.
• Accurately collected and recorded patient medical and dental histories.
• Took dental images and X-rays to identify areas of concern and presented to dentists for review.
• Instructed patients on dental hygiene and oral care by demonstrating effective flossing and brushing techniques and recommending quality oral care products.
• Examined gums manually and visually to determine periodontal disease and screen for oral cancer.
• Managed dental records and entered information using CDA programming to keep important patient information on file.
• Provided chair-side assistance to on-call Dentist during emergency situations and trauma by helping with Oral maxillofacial procedures.
Human Resources @ United States Army
Jun 2000 — Dec 2004
• Optimized personnel coverage, preparing work schedules based on staff availability and forecasted demands.
• Established and enforced successful operational policies to strengthen team productivity while empowering individual staff to independently handle job tasks.
• Defined and documented office procedures, using updated SOPs to provide thorough and comprehensive training for all administrative support staff.
• Set appointments and managed meeting schedule.
• Aided HR leadership by assisting with new staff orientation and equipment allocation.
• Led cross-functional communication initiatives to ensure account order timelines were met.
• Successfully updated and closed patient and administrative files accurately on a daily basis.
• Produced global reporting to senior leadership about staff list, upcoming projects, organizational charts and head count activities.
• Optimized HR functions by updating database files, generating reports and providing administrative support.
• Recovered costs by efficiently ordering and maintaining office equipment and stationary.
• Controlled employee database and leave management for over 80 employees.
• Created reports for higher echelons by utilizing advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Evaluated employee job performance and motivated staff to improve productivity.
Dental Assistant @ United States Army
Jun 2000 — Dec 2004
ssisted dentists in permanent and temporary restorative procedures, including applying dental fillings, placing temporary crowns, seating permanent crowns,
• Sanitized equipment, cleaned treatment rooms and restocked supplies after each patient's treatment to maintain cleanliness and prepare for next patient.
• Coordinated and managed patient care with efficiency and professionalism by scheduling appointments, educating patients and
• Entered patient data into dental records system using CDA and observed all confidentiality rules to maintain patient privacy.
• Passed instruments to dentist, gently sprayed water, suctioned fluids and mixed materials to support dentists during procedures.
• Created dental x-rays using traditional and digital methods to help dentists detect tooth decay, cavities and other issues needing to be treated.
• Gathered and reviewed patient records, data and health history to share with dentists for quick and accurate patient assessments, diagnoses and treatment.
• Prepared patients for dental procedures and treatment by greeting warmly, and explaining procedures.
• Escorted patients to exam rooms while making friendly conversation to prepare for cleanings and procedures.
• Sterilized tools, exam chair, trays and surfaces for clean and safe dental office.
• Selected and prepared tools used for procedures by sanitizing and arranging.
• Protected patients by sterilizing instruments and equipment between every consultation.
• Maintained clean, sterile and positive environment to optimize patient comfort, safety and satisfaction.
• Gathered medical information, dental health history and vitals from patients.
• Educated patients on postoperative and general oral health care by suggesting warm saltwater rinsing, pain medication dosage, flossing methods, brushing techniques

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