Adriana Alcantar

Director of Education/Administrator
  • Chicago, IL
  • October 18, 2019

Adriana Alcantar

5530 S. Sawyer Avenue            Chicago, IL  60629   24hr. cel.  (773) 441-8085                  


Re: Opened position –  (In regards to Official Transcripts, I have them however when scanned to e-mail or attach, they show up very light and you are not able to read, I can provide at time of interview)


To whom it may concern:


With understanding of the role quality of hire plays for organizations today, and previous educational experience, legal and medical experience, I submit my resume for consideration for the position posted.  I’ve been out of the classroom for three years and have been on the administrative end implementing managerial skill.  At this time, I would like to apply these skills in an organization such as yours. I have reviewed the necessary qualifications and believe that I have the skills and experience needed to fill the position.  I continue to act as a Notary Public, translate documents and present documentation to court upon request.  I am Bilingual.  I can read, write and speak Spanish/English.  In addition to my resume, I provide below a brief overview of my ability to match your specific needs based on the position competencies.


Deeply analytical – combines data-driven approach with the ability to tell a story to clients and Hustle – hands-on; relentless intensity and work ethic; just gets it done; never gives up and accountable and performance-driven, regardless of time/resource constraints, excel power user and passion for our mission and unafraid to change the world.


  • Promoting children’s progress towards academic assessments, case assessments and planning.
  • Date entry into City Span software
  • Worked with Early Learning Home Based Programs (which included working also with special needs children/Autistic)
  • Translation of letters from English to Spanish and interpreting as needed.
  • Customer service oriented.
  • I am a team player and have worked closely with teams planning on providing strategies and workshops for our teachers and recognizing the importance of success.
  • Supervised 25+ employees .
  • Planned enrichment activities and events that drew parents, students and

communities in coming together.

  • Lean Sigma Six Trained – Completed June, 2013.
  • Received Restorative Justice Training – April,2014.
  • CPR Trained expires 2020

My professional services along with my educational background encapsulates a number of the position competencies.  I am eager to stay in the professional services of a community environment.  I would welcome the privilege of speaking with you further and look forward to hearing from you.  I am also providing you with my e-mail address:


Respectfully submitted,

Adriana Alcantar

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