Amanda Gabler

I work at Crestwood PD for 8 years as a CSO
I work at Crestwood PD for 8 years as a CSO
  • Frankfort, Il
  • October 13, 2019

Im a CSO for Crestwood Police Department. My job duties are 10-50, 10-57, female search, lockouts, ambulance and fire assist, school crossing, traffic control, red light court, prisoner watch etc. been with department for 8 years now. My shifts are 0700-1500 and 1500-2300. Sometimes even 2300-0700 due to prisoner watch.

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Just high School
Oct 2019 ā€” Nov 2019


Auxiliary Officer @ Crestwood Police Department
Oct 2011 ā€” Current
Been a CSO for many years with Crestwood, 3 months ago Iā€™m now Auxiliary Officer. My duties are the same, but now I do red light court. My duties are female searches, lockouts, LO citations, 10-50, 10-57, ambulance assist, fire assist, traffic control, prisoner watch, school crossing, and events.

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