Michael Laase

Geologist - Entry Level
  • Bozeman, Montana
  • May 29, 2019

Hello! My name is Michael Laase and I am a highly motivated entry-level geologist who is passionate about sequence stratigraphy and process sedimentology as they relate to subsurface challenges. I recently (May 4th, 2019) graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT with my B.S. in Geology. I am very interested in gaining industry experience. At some point, I anticipate advancing further to get my masters degree studying stratigraphy and sedimentology. Until then I am eager to apply and develop my skills dealing with geological problem solving and put them to use in applied, challenging work dealing in the subsurface­. I have had an undergraduate career with diverse, applied research experience in both the field and lab. As an undergraduate I have excelled in independent and multi-disciplinary, team-based research; an important highlight being the work I have done with geologic carbon sequestration (DOE funded).

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B.S. Earth Sciences - Geology @ Montana State University in Bozeman, MT
Aug 2014 — May 2019


Lab Manager @ Montana State University - Hatzenpichler Research Group
May 2019 — Jun 2019
o My work is focused on creating optimized methods for formatting and processing sediment cores for biological analyses. Specifically, I have been taken on to optimize the results of a few ongoing projects by sharing my expertise with rock core preparations for fluorescence microscopy to apply to sediment cores.
o Training researchers in the group to replicate my sample formatting and processing procedures including how to modify them where necessary.
Undergraduate Researcher/ Research Assistant @ Montana State University - Shaw Research Group
Sep 2017 — Current
o Currently, working with a team lead by Dr. Colin Shaw and Dr. Omotayo Omosebi on the Kevin Dome Carbon Storage Project, as part of the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership. The research is focused on determining the feasibility of sequestering CO2 into carbonate liquid-gas reservoirs.
o I co-designed and independently built the supercritical CO2 flow-through core reactor used to replicate subsurface conditions in the target reservoir during bench-scale injection.
o I prepared all the samples for experimental and analytical phases of this work.
o Independently, I have worked for nearly a year on experimental micro-/macro-porosity characterization. My project aims to characterize structural changes occurring to pore and fracture networks across the target reservoir facies during injection (project title below / preparing material to submit for publishing review).
Undergraduate Research Assistant @ Montana State University - Stadie Research Group
Jan 2016 — Jul 2017
o I built a custom low-pressure chemical vapor deposition apparatus (LPCVD) used to make zeolite-templated carbon materials.
o Learned how to build lab equipment with Swagelok instrumentation grade hardware.
o I learned to work with various vacuum systems, including turbomolecular vacuum pumps.

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